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Developing and Developed Countries Classification

November 6, 2007

Dr. Mihelcic, Global City’s advisor and professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, discussed classification of countries based on economical and other human indices such as education, environnement, and human rights. Depending on the organization, it may be solely based upon the economy or may include some other factors. Today, most countries of the world fall in the developing category. The least developed countries are primarily formed by African and asian countries, with Haiti being the only country of the Americas. Recently, Papua New Guinea has left the developing group to the least developped group whereas Samoa has been accepted among the developing countries. Countries such as Mexico and India are newly industrialized countries.

However, at the beginning of his talk, Dr. Mihelcic offered some other ways that countries could be compared: water availability, exposure to natural hazards, forest cover etc...Those measures are very important since they are directly related to quality of life and adaptative ways of living. The classifications that were shown were dated from 1945 which marks the end of World War II and the beginning of the United Nations.

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