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Global City's Vision

Global City recognizes the privilege we are afforded in an academic environment such as Michigan Technological University where information, technology and education are fostered, shared and encouraged. It is paramount that we use this privilege to become global stewards cognizant of critical issues impacting all countries and communities.

Our Mission

GLOBAL CITY is a student organization at Michigan Tech dedicated to addressing critical, global issues, especially those that most directly impact developing countries. Its members meet regularly to attend presentations by invited speakers, to give presentations and present research, and to pursue the three main goals of the organization, which are:

For more information on our organization, please see our Facebook page (make sure to login to Facebook first), where members can raise questions and generally speak out.

Financial contributions are also gladly accepted and help us bring speakers and provide refreshments at events.


Want to contribute to an initiative of Houghton High School Model UN this holiday season? See here for information about their HOPE kits project.

Next Event

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