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Global City—2014 PHOTO CONTEST

The Global City photo contest is a unique opportunity to connect with our community and give a glimpse of where you have been as a GLOBAL CITIZEN, what you have captured that helps us to understand our global community.

Keep an eye out for updates here on the 2014 photo contest and the opportunity to share your experiences, talents and vision with the vibrant Keweenaw community!


What does Global City represent to our community? In selecting your photos we ask you to keep in mind the three main goals of Global City:

Members may submit one photo per category. Past categories have included:

Note: Out of respect for photo subjects, photographers must have permission from each of the identifiable subject(s) (or subject(s)' legal guardian) in a photo to release their image. Shots of a crowd in a public place do not require releases.


Winning photos are selected by all members of Global City through a voting process to be hosted on internet. An email will be circulated on voting procedures when submission is closed.

Prizes are awarded to the photograph with the most votes in each category, as well as the top overall photograph.