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Fundraising—Pakistan Relief Efforts at MTU- sept 2010

Special Thanks to All who donated and/or participated in any of the Pakistan relief efforts!

Here's what we have so far $2448.54.

1. Donations from Pakistani community                                              420
2. Proceeds from Parade of Nations stall                                            293
3. Online Donations/Deposits                                                              130
4. Global City/Parade of Nations                                                         150
5. Zakat Donations from MSA members                                           1076
6. MSA Fund Raiser (Parade of Nations Food Stall)                          229.54
7. MSA Float Competion (Parade of Nations) 2nd Prize                    150
Total                                                                                                 2448.54

Updated on october 13, 2010.

MSA is the Muslim Student Association at Michigan Technological University and would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following people and organization.
International Program Services (IPS) director, Thy Yang for being an inspiration for us to organize this whole event successfully.
Ibrahim Ndaou, MSA Public Relations Officer for taking special efforts for the Parade of Nations fund raiser and Float competition.
Sadakath Ahmed from India for despite of being new at MTU gave so much of time and effort.
Special thanks also to Munsif from India, Mansoor and Nasser from Saudi Arabia, Safayath from Bangladesh, Amna from Pakistan, Marwa from Egypt,Ezawi from Libya and Allena from USA for giving their precious time and Volunteering.
Last but not the least, all MSA members who encouraged us by donating money.