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Global Sustainability: Pesticides and Carbon.

Mel Visser

Tuesday, November 09, 2010 -Fisher Hall(138), at 6.00-7.00pm

A pesticide that was banned a quarter century ago is currently causing Lake Superior Lake Trout to be the most contaminated fish in North America. Lake Superior's surface water is warming at 2 degrees F a decade. Is the lake in our backyard a beacon of global sustainability ... or the lack of it? After retiring from a career in chemical manufacturing and environmental compliance, Mel Visser, a Michigan Tech Chemical Engineering alum, spent hundreds of hours in libraries and meetings and still couldn't understand why Lake Superior held its toxic chemicals. Two trips to the Canadian High Arctic and plugging into international research led to the answer and his first book, Cold, Clear, and Deadly: Unraveling a Toxic Legacy . The effort took an unbiased look, a perspective enhanced by independence. Mel sought to understand the natural climate variations that took place since Earth first cooled. His second book, The Climate Trap offers a reasonable and new theory for climatic cycles and helps to understand the current warming. Mel will discuss the global challenges of controlling pests and supplying energy to satisfy Earth's human population with food and power in a sustainable manner.