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Post disaster relief and mitigation strategies for natural disasters: Challenges, failures, and successes

Erika Vye and Luke Bowman, both PhD Students - Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences\MIchigan Technological University

Tuesday February 23-Dillman Hall(214), at 6.00-7.00pm

The upcoming Global Cities presentations will be done in two parts (February 23 and March 2) co-presented by Erika Vye and Luke Bowman. Part I (February 23) will review the mechanisms of aid distribution in developing countries after having faced large magnitude geologic disasters and highlight what is different about earthquakes compared to other disasters. We will also introduce and review “lessons learned” from the 2004 South-East Asia tsunami in an effort to prompt group discussion on how these lessons could be applied to the current situation in Haiti.

Having looked at the successes and failures of aid distribution, Part II (March 2) will focus on disaster mitigation and preparedness strategies. Erika will present on her experiences in Northern India, focusing on earthquake-safe building features and community preparedness campaigns for rural mountain communities. Luke will discuss his research in vulnerable communities at the base of a volcano in El Salvador that erupted in 2005. Both case studies offer unique insight into mitigation and preparedness efforts, the ways in which aid is distributed, and teach us many lessons that should be considered in future work.