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Body 2.0: Creating a World That Can Feed Itself

October 14, 2008

Erin Satchell, graduate student in Michigan Tech’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a sixth-generation Michigan farmer, will lead a discussion of world agriculture and food insecurity. Food is a basic necessity of life. As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, the segment of the population engaged in agriculture is shrinking. The demand for food is growing while the resources needed to maintain and expand production are becoming more scarce. Recent volatility in food prices has highlighted the food insecurity much of the world is experiencing. The future paths that world agriculture will follow are uncertain.

We will view excerpts from Body 2.0: Creating a World That Can Feed Itself a debate between Hugh Grant, the CEO of Monsanto; Sonal Shah, the Director of Global Development Initiatives; and Michael Pollan, the author of The Omnivore's Dilemma. After the video, we will discuss the present state of world agriculture. The emphasis will be on the larger societal issues, rather than technical details.

The format will be casual, with everyone encouraged to participate in the discussion. Bring your own experiences and ideas to share with the group. To get your thinking started, here are a few questions to consider: Do you know a farmer in your part of the world? Are they farming sustainably? Do you feel secure with your food supply? Would you want to be a farmer? Do farmers contribute more than just food? How can agriculture be improved?

For more information on food policy, visit Michael Pollan’s Web site