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A Discussion on Democracy in India

April 1, 2008

Environmental Graduate Student Ashwini Kashelikar will give a presentation on Democracy in India:

Regarded as one of the oldest civilizations in the world, India traces its history to as far back as 3300 BC or may be even older. As part of my presentation on Tuesday, I will very briefly talk about the Indian history, but the major part of my talk will be about India as it is today: What impact did the British rule have on the country? What does being a nuclear power mean to Indians? Ours is a country in which democracy has never really been threatened ever since our independence in 1947 and although we've had our share of wars and unrest, that’s not the reason why we are still a developing nation. In a time when the Indian economy is being regarded as the second fastest growing large economy with indigenous companies hungry to acquire big, global brands, what is it that is holding us back? What is thwarting our efforts to become a prosperous nation?